Hundred Acres


What you get: say yes to ricotta beignets with honey + unique egg dishes + brunch salad + five variations on the Bloody Mary

Hundred Acres knows its way around a brunch menu. This trendy Soho hotspot on Macdougal Street is liveliest on weekends when young and old gather outside its open French windows to wait for a table. The long dining room accommodates a hungry brunch crowd while the bar operates on a first-come-first-serve basis, prepping pretty coffee drinks and a generous offering of brunch cocktails including Creole and Mexican Bloody Mary variations, as well as the typical mimosa and bellini.

Brunch starts with shared plates like deviled eggs with bacon relish or the pastry board with muffins, cakes, scones, and peach jam. My date and I enjoyed a dish of perfectly fried ricotta beignets with honey and powdered sugar. After that plate of pure sugar we shared a healthy brunch salad with farro grains, fresh kale, roast pecans, queso fresco, and soft-boiled egg in a sweet vinaigrette. Another great (and filling) choice is the traditional chilaquiles with radishes and lime crema.

The Bloodys are creative, although the whole grain mustard and pickle variation was on the salty side. Fans of the mollusk will be eager to taste the briny Hampton Shore Bloody Mary with clam juice and shucked oyster.

If you like rubbing shoulders with trendy Soho socialites or if the name of the restaurant reminds you of Winnie the Pooh, this is the Sunday brunch spot for you.

Hundred Acres
38 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012
Brunch on weekends from 10:30am to 3pm.