What you get: Paris’ best cappuccino + thick pancakes with berries, ricotta, and pistachios + yogurt and granola + eggs Benedict with smoked trout + toasted banana bread with mascarpone and fruit + pretty cakes and cookies

Coutume served as my neighborhood coffee house and Wifi base for the past year in Paris, and it was only recently that I got around to ordering brunch here. I’m only sad I didn’t do it sooner.The portions are large and the flavors in my red berry and banana pancakes were typically Coutume — studied, sweet, and fruit-forward. Pistachios are tossed on everything, which is absolutely fine by me. Also good for a brunch-on-the-go are the tasty baked banana loaf and tasty cakes in the display case. Come to Coutume with an appetite because you will want to sample everything.

The café embraces a pretty, sparse, Scandinavian interior dotted with green plants and beakers serving as water pitchers. Some of Paris’ best coffee is brewed at this counter by the friendly bilingual baristas and delivered to community tables where busy freelancers (and me) tap away at their laptop keys. Word on the street is that they sometimes serve a terrific breakfast burrito on their monthly menu, so a trip back is definitely called for.

For more on Coutume, check out my featured review on Travel + Lust.

47 rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris
01 45 51 50 47
Brunch from 11am to 4pm on weekends. Delicious breakfast with comparable plates served weekdays until 11am.



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