Petit Dejeuner: Breakfast in Paris

What you get: fresh buttery croissants from the boulangerie across the street + warm baguette “tradition” + Bonne Maman confiture + seasonal fruit from the market + pressed orange juice + rich (maybe salted) butter

The typical French petit dej tends to be quite small. A normal breakfast at the apartment is a tartine (toasted baguette with butter or confiture) with coffee or a café au lait (coffee with hot milk).Freshly squeezed orange juice and fruit are a luxury for those who have some extra time before work.The sleep-deprived student has a quick coffee and cigarette. Kids munch on toast with Nutella or baguette with little bits of milk chocolate stuck inside.

On the weekend, stop at the bakery for a croissant, pain au chocolat, or brioche bread sprinkled with sugar.